About Us

It’s all about helping people to set up a physical date with someone who shares common interests and purposes, Successful dates have been going on long before online dating, but recently, physical dates have been overshadowed by people wasting hours or even days having conversations online. Whereas ten years ago it was exciting, people are now getting bored and frustrated of putting time and effort into talking to the “wrong” people.

Why Glaries Knocks Out Every Other Dating App!

What’s this? Another dating app that promises you a fairytale ending with your perfect prince or princess only to leave you frustrated and disappointed?

Nope. Glaries is completely different! And it pretty much knocks out every problem you’ve ever encountered with online dating.

Glaries launched in the United Kingdom in 2019, will be live in the Netherlands soon.

If you are interested in getting Glaries in your country, please send us an email at info@glaries.com. We will do our best to bring Glaries to you soon.